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Slush Machine- XRJ15L
The slush Machine XRJ15L is a perfect machine to have for a birthday party or family functions. With its 15L Bowl, this allows you to have full customization with fruity flavours or cocktail flavours.

$601.70 USD

Slush Machine- XRJL15LX1
The Slush Machine XRJL15LX1 is a great slushy machine for family events or parties. Its 15L tank can turn any drink into slushies within minutes.

$601.70 USD

Slush Machine- TKX-01
Bring the slushy experience to your home with the Slush Machine- TKX-01. This 15L tank can accommodate variety alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic of flavours to turn your party into a experience to remember.

$601.70 USD

Slush Machine- X150
The Slush Machine- X150 is a perfect slushy machine to bring to all age parties. With its 15L/ 4 US Gallon Tank, this can hold a variety of different flavours that attracts everyone at the parties.

$601.70 USD

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