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Pool Table Bulk Offer

Date: 23/06/11

Pool Table Bulk Offer One of our customers in Europe has a large assortment of pool tables they are looking to sell. There are 43 tables in total, with the majority being made in USA by Valley. The tables are priced at 385 Euros per unit, however they are to be purchased as a bulk offer only. Unfortunately we cannot break up the lot.

The tables are being sold in as is condition, without accessories. Some tables are location ready, while others may have parts missing.

This offer includes:

6ft Tables:
  • 10 x Cougar 88" (Valley)

7ft Tables:
  • 13 x Leopard 93" (Valley)
  • 1 x Contemporary (Valley)
  • 1 x Country (Valley)
  • 2 x Traditional (Valley)

8ft Tables:
  • 8 x Leopard 101" (Valley)
  • 2 x Cougar 101" (Valley)
  • 3 x VDLP Deluxe 101" (Valley)
  • 1 x Yowa Eurocompetition (SAM)
  • 1 x Murray 9400

9ft Tables:
1 x Big Cat Electronic (Valley)

Total: 43pcs

For more information, please contact our sales team.

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