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Xtreme Game Wizard Upgrade Kit Available for Vewlix Arcade Machine Customers

Date: 03/03/16

Xtreme Game Wizard Upgrade Kit Available for Vewlix Arcade Machine Customers Customers who have purchased the Game Wizard Vewlix in the past can now upgrade their machine to the most advanced multi platform Xtreme Game Wizard arcade machine with this innovative control panel upgrade kit.

This exclusive upgrade kit includes all the necessary parts you need to upgrade the Game Wizard Vewlix to the Xtreme machine, which will make it a multi platform machine that can connect to your Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PC, as well as late model arcade motherboards and JAMMA boards.

Play all your favourite modern console games using classic arcade controls, such as joysticks, trackballs and arcade push buttons. Plus, you can still play all your arcade game boards as well for unlimited gaming possibilities!

The kit includes the control panel featuring the aforementioned arcade controls, PLUS USB ports for hand controllers/keyboard and mouse, headphone/microphone jack inputs and external volume control; Controller PCB; HDMI video/audio converter; amplifier; HDMI to DVI Cable; 2x HDMI Cables; 3x AV Cables; VGA Cable; and a key.

The Xtreme Game Wizard Control Panel Upgrade Kit is designed for the Game Wizard Vewlix machines and is only for sale to existing Highway Entertainment customer, so to buy this exclusive upgrade kit will require proof of purchase.

For more information about the Control Panel Upgrade Kit you can read more here or you can email our friendly sales team at for more information about purchasing.

To see the Xtreme Game Wizard in action, check out the Arcooda youtube channel, which features a number of videos like the one below:

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