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New Prize Redemption Machines Available from G2B International Technology

Date: 25/02/19

New Prize Redemption Machines Available from G2B International Technology
G2B International Technology have released a new range of prize redemption machines. These include Halloween and fruit themed cutting machines, a poker style redemption machine using billard balls, and a fishing themed prize redemption machine.

Halloween Prize Redemption Machine and Ninja Master Prize Redemption Machine
These two prize redemption machines are very similar, but themed differently. Players must carefully line up the cutting tool on each machine in order to slice through the item/fruit. If successful, a rope behind the  item/fruit will be cut and players will receive the attached prize. The Halloween Prize Redemption Machine is Halloween themed, with player needing to cut through ghosts and pumpkins. While the Ninja Master Prize Redemption Machine has players cutting varies fruits.

Pocketball Champion Prize Redemption Machine
The Pocketball Prize Redemption Machine is a poker style machine. Players navigate the poking tool and align it with one of the billard balls. If aligned correctly, the poker will push the billard ball in and release a prize for the player.

Fishing Master Prize Redemption Machine
The Fishing Master Prize Redemption machine is a little different from the above machines. Players use a pulling style tool and must align the tool so that it connects with the holes in the fish targets. Once it connects, the pulling tool will pull the fish down (as if it has been caught) and will release a prize for the player.

These varies machine require players skill and patience to be successful, but they're sure to be an entertaining challenge that will bring visitors back for more.

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