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Massive Sale on Illuminated Pushbuttons & Arcade Joysticks

Date: 22/03/24

Massive Sale on Illuminated Pushbuttons & Arcade Joysticks
We are having a sales special on all standard zippy style joysticks and
illuminated push buttons - genuine large discounts, sale expires Monday

The zippy styled arcade joystick are suitable for many types of arcade machines. This joystick can be operated as a 2-way, 4-way and 8-way joystick (easily changed by the plate on the bottom) and comes with 4 microswitches. This joystick is easy to install and a great joystick for your project or to update your current older joystick. Suitable for both metal and wooden control panels.

The 33mm illuminated arcade push buttons include LED light bulb and microswitch, and due to their screw nut, are suitable for timber and steel control panels.

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