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26th - October - 2018


Arcade Machines Clearances - Australia

Arcade Machines Clearances - Australia

Arcade machines are on clearance across different stores in Australia.We don't have enough time to individually add all machines on our website, but please review below list of products

  • ICE Cyclone machines for $750 (18pcs available)
  • ICE Skee Ball for $1,250 (3pcs available)
  • Harpoon Lagoon
  • Slam a Winner
  • Air Hockey Tables (4pcs available)
  • F355 Challenge
  • Time Crisis 2 Twin
  • Monster Drop Twin
  • LAI Stacker (2pcs available)
  • Rambo DX
  • Big Buck Hunter - Open Season
  • Big Buck Hunter - Pro
  • Classic Double Crane Machine
  • Daytona USA TWin
  • DDR 8th Mix
  • Dino Bonk
  • Ducky Splash
  • Ghost Squad DX
  • Initial D3 SD
  • London Bus
  • Namco Pacman Smash Airhockey
  • Point Blank 38 inch
  • Sega Scud Racer Twin
  • Sega Rally 2 Twin
  • Slam N Jam
  • Time Crisis 3 Twin
  • Virtua Cop 3 DX

Prices are in Australian dollars and include tax.

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Namco Crane & Prize Machine Clearance Europe

Namco Crane & Prize Machine Clearance Europe

Namco Crane & Prize Machine Clearance is now on in Europe with massive savings on variety of plush and prize machines including Clena Flex, Dunk Tank, and Barber Cut crane machines @$995usd each.

4 x ClenaFlex Crane Machines (Namco)
12 x Dunk Tank Prize Single Player (Namco)
2 x BarberCut 2 Player (Namco)
8 x Dunk Tank Prize 2 Player (Namco)

All original Namco products and priced to clear, available ex warehouse UK. Even cheaper for container orders.

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Namco Noir Cabinets

Namco Noir Cabinets

Namco Noir cabinets have just been removed from arcade centres across Sydney and now available ex warehouse for immediate release.

These Namco Noir cabinets are available with or without game boards - currently available are Tekken 6, Tekken 6 Bloodline Rebeliion, and Tekken Tag 2 Tournament.

Prices start at $750aud including tax.

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Highway Gaming New Trouble Shooting Website For Customers

Highway Gaming New Trouble Shooting Website For Customers

Highway Entertainment are happy to announce a new website has been made available to customers to address any questions or trouble shooting concerns surrounding their machines. Highway Gaming will be used as a tool to help customers with the setting up, updating, and game play of their individual cabinets. 

To register your machine, please contact support@highwaygaming.com together with a photo of your serial number plate (if you purchased an arcade machine) or your invoice number (if you purchased software).  People who have not made a purchase through Highway Entertainment before will still be able to view the site, however, they will only be able to see very generic, basic information about the machines without having a login code. 

To access Highway Gaming, please click here.

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