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Initial D 3 Poster
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Arcade Music Machines for Sale in Australia

Arcade music machines are for sale in Australia by Highway Entertainment. These include dance, drum, and guitar arcade video games. Our arcade music machines include machines from the Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) series, Drum Mania series, Guitar Mania series, Pump It Up series, Beatmania series, plus much more.

The music machines can be used as coin operated, or can be set onto free play. We also have software kits to upgrade your existing music machines, please view this in the PCB section.

If you have a specific Music Machine in mind but cannot see it on our Australia stock list, please send us an inquiry and we will try and find it for you.

Arcade Music Machines in Stock

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Dance Dance Revolution Extreme (8th Mix) Arcade Machine
Dance Dance Revolution Extreme is the 8th mix game in the Dance Dance Revolution arcade machine series of music video games. The gameplay is very similar to previous Dance Dance Revolution games, where the player must step to the beat by pressing the arrows on the dance pad.

$3958.88 USD

DJ Max Technika Arcade Machine
DJ Max Technika is a music rhythm game from Pentavision. The game is played on a 22 inch touchscreen, with a larger 32 inch monitor displaying high definition visuals for spectators during play.

$1595.54 USD

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Dance Dance Revolution: Extreme Arcade Machine
Dance Dance Revolution Extreme (DDR Extreme) is a music video game by Konami and is the eighth release in the main Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) series.

$3958.88 USD

Pop n Music 19 Tune Street Arcade Machine
Pop'n Music 19 Tune Street Arcade Machine is the latest series pop'n music Arcade games from Konami.

The game is installed lights at the top bar enclosure, light and colorful number buttons in conjunction with play and machine design, and is easy compared to most other Bemani games. Plus the game features in Wide screen LCD monitor design, and the song selection screen appears on the right selection ranking.

$1995.43 USD

Save 9%

Magic DJ 3D Music Arcade Machine
Magic DJ is a 3D music video arcade machine game. It is designed for both single player and multiplayer functions (single, versus and co-op modes of play) and includes a wide variety of songs to appeal to a larger audience.

$1559.56 USD

Magic Box 3 Music Arcade Machine

$1559.56 USD

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