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Highway Entertainment (HE) is an Australian based online store which sells spare parts and pieces for arcade and amusement cabinets or machines. Whether you’re looking for hardware or software, replacements or upgrades - HE has you covered! Our arcade parts for sale in Australia covers a comprehensive range of parts and accessories for amusement machines, pinball machines, ticket redemption and driving machines, all of which are located in our NSW, Australia warehouse.

We have an extensive stock list of products available and we ship all over Australia. Arcade parts for sale include: cabinet parts; joysticks; stools; artwork; stickers; pushbuttons; manuals and player instructions; boards; switches; locks; monitors and chassis; power supplies; transformers; PCBs; cables; plugs; adapters; coin mechs and accessories; cash handling systems; computer hardware, software and accessories; as well as parts specific to pinball, driving and shooting arcade machines (such as guns, steering wheels, pedals, flippers, etc.).

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Arcade Parts in Stock

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Red Ball Top Joystick for Arcade Machine (Zippy Styled)

A zippy styled arcade joystick suitable for arcade machines. This joystick can be operated as a 2-way, 4-way and 8-way joystick (changed easily by the plate on the bottom) and comes with 4 microswitches. This joystick is easy to install and a great alternative for yoru old joysticks. Suitable for both metal and wooden control panels.

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$7.80 USD

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Illuminated Multi-coloured Joystick for Arcade Machine

A clear arcade cabinet joystick with 5pin Joystick Cable and 12V Power Cable that can be operated as an 8 way, 4 way or 2 way joystick. It is compatible with most arcade machines and connects to 12 volts to illuminate the Joystick. It features 8 long life LEDS at the base of the shaft for a bright illumination effect.


Time Crisis Point Blank Clone Gun Assembly for Arcade Machine  - Black

Arcade recoil gun in Black color design which can be used on gun shooting machines, like Time Crisis. Durable and firm tough plastic made with long metal chain and connector cover.


Coin Controls C120 Electronic Coin Mech - Top Load / Bottom Reject - Arcade Programmed

Coin Controls C120 Electronic Coin Mechanisms will recognise and validate up to 12 different coins and/or tokens. The latest validator technology ensures high control over the acceptance of programmed coin types and rejection of fakes.

The C120 coin mechanism can be used for new or retrofit applications in the Arcade, Pinball, Gaming and Vending areas and is currently programmed to accept AUD 20c, $1 and $2 coins.

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$62.94 USD

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Microcoin S6 Electronic Coin Mechanisms - Front Load / Bottom Reject - Faulty

The coin validator from microcoin, main feature is versatility by it's many programming options. Allowing it to be fully tailored to meet the operators requirements.

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$6.63 USD

Save 54%


P2040 G-N-X Power Supply for Crane Machine

P2040 G-N-X Power Supply is especially used in crane machines, and offers +5V, +12V, +24V, +48V power at maximum of 250-280watts. The P2040 is a switchable power supply with 110-240volt input.


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