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Arcade Parts for Sale in Australia

Highway Entertainment (HE) is an Australian based online store which sells spare parts and pieces for arcade and amusement cabinets or machines. Whether you’re looking for hardware or software, replacements or upgrades - HE has you covered! Our arcade parts for sale in Australia covers a comprehensive range of parts and accessories for amusement machines, pinball machines, ticket redemption and driving machines, all of which are located in our NSW, Australia warehouse.

We have an extensive stock list of products available and we ship all over Australia. Arcade parts for sale include: cabinet parts; joysticks; stools; artwork; stickers; pushbuttons; manuals and player instructions; boards; switches; locks; monitors and chassis; power supplies; transformers; PCBs; cables; plugs; adapters; coin mechs and accessories; cash handling systems; computer hardware, software and accessories; as well as parts specific to pinball, driving and shooting arcade machines (such as guns, steering wheels, pedals, flippers, etc.).

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Arcade Parts in Stock

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Arcade Stool Chrome with Swivel Seat

Arcade Stool Chrome with Swivel Seat is a stylish and lightweight stool. With its easy assembly and padded swivel seat, you'll be able to play for hours on end in total comfort.


Cam Door Lock 15mm - With Latch (Made in Taiwan)

Cam metal door lock with key in 15mm length cylinder including latch. The key can be removed only in the locked position. 90 degree turn between locked and unlocked positions.

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12 Volt Power Supply for Arcooda Machines

The 12 Volt Power Supply for Arcooda Machines is a plug and play power supply, suitable for use in all Arcooda machines. It is a great replacement or spare for your worn or dead power supplies, and with its plug and play features it is very easy to install yourself. Voltage also includes 5volts.


22" LCD Arcade Monitor with VGA and DVI Input

22" LCD arcade Monitor suitable for Classic Arcade Cocktail Table. Accepts VGA and DVI input timings upto PC WUXGA 1920*1200 and HD 2048*1080p DCI 2K (256∶135 ≈ 1.9)


European standard power cable 1.5m

European standard power cable 1.5m length


Graphics Card For Harley Davidson Machine

Graphics Card For The Harley Davidson Arcade Machine


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