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Highway Entertainment (HE) is an Australian based online store which sells spare parts and pieces for arcade and amusement cabinets or machines. Whether you’re looking for hardware or software, replacements or upgrades - HE has you covered! Our arcade parts for sale in Australia covers a comprehensive range of parts and accessories for amusement machines, pinball machines, ticket redemption and driving machines, all of which are located in our NSW, Australia warehouse.

We have an extensive stock list of products available and we ship all over Australia. Arcade parts for sale include: cabinet parts; joysticks; stools; artwork; stickers; pushbuttons; manuals and player instructions; boards; switches; locks; monitors and chassis; power supplies; transformers; PCBs; cables; plugs; adapters; coin mechs and accessories; cash handling systems; computer hardware, software and accessories; as well as parts specific to pinball, driving and shooting arcade machines (such as guns, steering wheels, pedals, flippers, etc.).

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Arcade Parts in Stock

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Gottlieb Triple Coin Credit Board PCB: Model No - 102B

Gottlieb triple credit board: Model No - 102B


20 inch LCD Monitor suitable for Lowboy Cabinet or Cocktail Table

A professional 20 inch LCD Monitor with 12vDC voltage that is suitable for Lowboy Cabinet or Cocktail Table. This monitor is an LG brand, new A grade monitor with 4:3 resolution. It includes a HDMI port, VGA port, related signal cable, power cable and a driver PCB, with a metal case. This monitor is Rohs certified. Viewing angles are 89 degrees/ 178 degrees. Supports 15khz, 31khz and up to 1080P.


Coin Controls C120 Electronic Coin Mech - Top Load / Bottom Reject - Arcade Programmed

Coin Controls C120 Electronic Coin Mechanisms will recognise and validate up to 12 different coins and/or tokens. The latest validator technology ensures high control over the acceptance of programmed coin types and rejection of fakes.

The C120 coin mechanism can be used for new or retrofit applications in the Arcade, Pinball, Gaming and Vending areas and is currently programmed to accept AUD 20c, $1 and $2 coins.

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$71.48 USD

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Arcade Machine Cam lock with Removable Barrel 30mm K3005

The Arcade Machine Cam lock with Removable Barrel 30mm K3005 lock is suitable for use in coin doors, machine doors, gaming machines, vending machines, filing cabinets, parking meters, coin laundry machines, cash dispensers, payphones and is available in a range of sizes suitable for all applications.


12V Stereo Arcade Amplifier

The 12V Stereo Arcade Amplifier features treble, bass and volume controls, and is the perfect way to customise the sounds on your machine. This amplifier has 180W output and requires 12V. It also contains an on/off power button on the front of the unit for easy access.


Test / Service button for Classic arcade cocktail table

Replacement push button suitable for the test panel inside out classic arcade cocktail table


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