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Arcade Machines for Sale in Australia

We have for sale a range of arcade machines, arcade cabinets, amusement machines, pinball machines, ticket redemption machines, video games and jukebox machines, suitable for amusement centres, arcade owners, street sites, street operations, and home use.

Our arcade machines are from all the leading manufacturers, including Sega, Namco, Konami, Sammy, Taito and SNK. We sell coin operated video arcade machines including dance machines, driving games, shooting games, and much more.

We also stock a variety of the latest Japanese arcade cabinets, including New Net city, Super Neo Candy arcade cabinets, and Astro city arcade cabinets.

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Arcade Machines in Stock

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Atomiswave Upright Cabinet Only
Sammy's compact 25 inch standup cabinet. The machine is designed for Atomiswave and Jamma games and has a 15/24/31kHz 25" high resolution monitor.

$242.17 USD

Save 41%

Atomiswave Upright Cabinet Only
Sammy's compact 25 inch standup cabinet. The machine is designed for Atomiswave and Jamma games and has a 15/24/31kHz 25" high resolution monitor.

$242.17 USD

Save 41%

Time Buster Redemption Machine
A new design in prize redemption. Timebuster is based on the successful Stop the Clock game. This machine features a colourful cabinet and the aim of the game is to stop the digital clock at 1000 to win prizes.

$103.79 USD

Save 74%

Harry Levy Circus Circus Coin Pusher Machine
Harry Levy Circus Circus is a hexagonal 6 Player and a ½ round 3 Player, with Circus Big Top artwork and decorative gold metalwork.

$518.95 USD

EA NASCAR 32inch Arcade Driving Machine
EA Sports NASCAR is the first officially licensed coin-op NASCAR racing game. There are over 30 of NASCAR's greatest drivers and actual stock cars including Dale Jarrett, Rusty Wallace and Dale Earnhardt.

$1937.40 USD

Tsurugi Arcade Machine
The Tsurugi Arcade Machine is a 3D action game with a very unique controller. Players use a sword type controller to inflict damage on a wide variety of samurai based characters.

$688.46 USD

Save 50%

Cyclone Fever Medal Machine
Cyclone Fever is a colourful token machine from Konami, available in both dual and single cabinets.It is a four player classical medal featuring many scoring and chance opportunities.

$380.56 USD

Save 86%

Harry Levy Hot Dog Coin Pusher Machine
Since the Quicksilver 4 Player built in 1984 there have been a succession of new idea's from the Broadstairs factory culminating in the development of the HOT DOG straight line 12 player pusher.

$518.95 USD

Acme Crane Extreme
Acme Crane Company 35" X-Treme Model Game -
This highly-reliable crane claw game come with a unique pneumatic cylinder air-powered claw that is guaranteed NEVER to wear out ! Crane holds twice the prizes as other cranes, and the "Always Full" feature self-adjusts the playfield to maximize product presentation, In "Attract" mode, crane picks up merchandise and moves it around, plus the merchandise is automatically always "fluffed" up !

$103.79 USD

Save 70%

Extreme Hunting SD Arcade Machine
Extreme Hunting SD Arcade Machine is a hunting game for the Atomiswave platform where players compete in head-to-head competition and must complete multiple target stages.

$172.98 USD

Save 64%

Extreme Hunting SD Arcade Machine
Extreme Hunting SD Arcade Machine is a hunting game for the Atomiswave platform where players compete in head-to-head competition and must complete multiple target stages.

$103.79 USD

Save 69%

Daytona USA Twin Arcade Driving Machine
Daytona USA Twin Driving Arcade Machine is a high-speed stock car racing game made in the USA that allows you to choose from four dynamic viewpoints on the fly to get a true racing perspective. Realistic stock car control allows drifting, controlled braking, four-wheel drifts, and skillful acceleration to keep the lead.

$4151.56 USD

DrumMania 2nd Mix Arcade Machine
Drum Mania 2nd Mix Arcade Machine is a music rhythm game from Konami. Players use an imitation drum set and drum stick and must play the notes of a chosen song as they are displayed on the screen.

$688.46 USD

Save 47%

Crisis Zone SD Arcade Machine
Crisis Zone SD Arcade Machine is a spin-off of the Time Crisis arcade shooter franchise. The focus of Crisis Zone is to suppress a rogue terrorist group that has seized Garland Square outside of London.

$896.04 USD

Golden Tee Golf Live 2011 Arcade Machine
Golden Tee LIVE 2011 Arcade Machine introduces five brand new 18-hole courses (Laurel Park, Alpine Run, Timber Bay, Falcon Sands and Grizzly Flats) all with new challenges and spectacular graphics.

$411.69 USD

Save 37%

Haunted Museum Arcade Machine
Haunted Museum is a 1-2 Player light gun shooting arcade game machine from Taito. It is the sequel to Haunted Museum and is known as Frightmareland in North America.

$657.33 USD

Save 75%

Xtreme Game Wizard (Blue) Arcade Machine
The Xtreme Game Wizard Arcade Machine (Blue) is the most advanced arcade machine in the market. It is Australia’s first multi-platform arcade system with a patent pending design.

$2764.24 USD

Save 20%


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Save $768.06

Target Toss Pro: Lawn Darts Arcade Machine
The Target Toss Pro: Lawn Darts Arcade Machine takes the danger out of playing and replaces it with four new and unique virtual Lawn Dart games.

$550.08 USD

Save 20%

Action Deka Arcade Machine
Action Deka is a motion controlled simulation arcade machine released by Konami, with fighting exciting attacks by a controller on hand.

$1034.43 USD

Save 62%

Ocean Star 2 Fish Hunter Arcade Machine
The Ocean Star 2 is an ocean themed, fish hunter style arcade machine in which up to six players can battle it out for points.

$1902.80 USD

Save 30%

Magic DJ 3D Music Arcade Machine
Magic DJ is a 3D music video arcade machine game. It is designed for both single player and multiplayer functions (single, versus and co-op modes of play) and includes a wide variety of songs to appeal to a larger audience.

$172.98 USD

Save 87%

Game Wizard for Android
Arcooda's Game Wizard for Android is much more than a two-player arcade machine. It is a hub of endless enterainment. Gaming, social media, music and video streaming - the Game Wizard for Android is an arcade machine that doubles as a video jukebox amongst other things.

$2279.90 USD

Save 8%

Game Wizard for Android (Rebuilt)
Arcooda’s Game Wizard for Android is a two-player, upright arcade machine that presents users with endless entertainment options. Connect to the Google Play store, download apps, play arcade games, plug in consoles or PC. This cabinet suffered damage during transit and has been repaired.

$1034.43 USD

Save 58%

Touch Wizard Desktop
The Touch Wizard is a desktop arcade machine created by Arcooda. Built with an Android operating system, Touch Wizard users can connect to the Google Play store and download a wide variety of games and apps to use on the one-player multi-media machine.

$1587.97 USD

Save 14%

Arcooda Video Pinball Machine
Arcooda Video Pinball is the world's first full-sized, touchscreen video pinball machine capable of playing thousands of pinball and arcade games. With interchangeable control panels and constantly updated firmware, players have endless gaming options.

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Heat Wave 2-Player Water Race Arcade Machine
The Heat Wave 2-player arcade machine is a classic water race game seen in countless arcades and family fun centres.

$904.54 USD

Froggy Battle
In Universal Space's Froggy Battle, the player who sends the higgest amount of balls in the frog's mouth within the allowed time wins the match.

$553.55 USD

Top Gun International Prize Machine
Prize Redemption Game

$172.98 USD

Save 74%

W & P Catcher - Special Super Claw Crane Machine
The W & P Catcher - Special Super Claw Crane Machine is a large 1 player arcade crane machine which is designed for large style plush toys and is loads of fun for players of all ages!

$103.79 USD

Save 82%

Brunswick GS-98 Bowling Pinsetter
Brunswick’s GS-98 Pinsetter is one of the most efficient and user-friendly systems in the industry.

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Universal Slam A Winner Ticket Redemption Machine
Time it right so the ball falls through the bonus target, and win extra ball drops and/or mountains of tickets! Even if you miss the bonus hole on the first shot, the bouncing ball careens around the play area before dropping into a point hole.

$518.95 USD

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