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Arcade Parts for Sale in Australia

Highway Entertainment (HE) is an Australian based online store which sells spare parts and pieces for arcade and amusement cabinets or machines. Whether you’re looking for hardware or software, replacements or upgrades - HE has you covered! Our arcade parts for sale in Australia covers a comprehensive range of parts and accessories for amusement machines, pinball machines, ticket redemption and driving machines, all of which are located in our NSW, Australia warehouse.

We have an extensive stock list of products available and we ship all over Australia. Arcade parts for sale include: cabinet parts; joysticks; stools; artwork; stickers; pushbuttons; manuals and player instructions; boards; switches; locks; monitors and chassis; power supplies; transformers; PCBs; cables; plugs; adapters; coin mechs and accessories; cash handling systems; computer hardware, software and accessories; as well as parts specific to pinball, driving and shooting arcade machines (such as guns, steering wheels, pedals, flippers, etc.).

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Arcade Parts in Stock

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BANA Passport Reader

Namco BANA Passport Reader is not available for Tekken tag tournament 2 machine. The BANNA Passport Reader is suitable to read BANA Passport Card which allows you to play Tekken Tag Tournament 2. Fantastic BANA Passport Reader for your Bana Passport Card to save the records of your battle, rand and etc. Brand new and in plastic packaging this set is too good to miss, make the most of your gaming experience today!

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$143.91 USD

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29 inch CRT Monitor Chassis Board (Model Number c3129ds)

This is a 29 inch CRT Monitor Chassis Board suitable for a wide range of arcade machines such as Blast City, Time Crisis and Daytona USA. This product is multi-frequency (15K / 24K / 31K) and has the ability to switch over frequency automatically.


Tekken 6 Poster

Tekken 6 Poster

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$29.44 USD

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WWF Royal Rumble Cabinet Sticker

The WWF Royal Rumble Cabinet Sticker is designed for the Sega arcade machine. This sticker is great for customers looking to upgrade their machine, replace old or damaged stickers on their cabinet, or for those reconditioning their machine. WWF Royal Rumble is a professional wrestling video game released in 2000 for arcades. It is based on the World Wrestling Federation professional wrestling promotion and its yearly Royal Rumble event. Yuke's, creators of the WWF SmackDown! series, developed Royal Rumble which had several unique features - including support for up to nine wrestlers on the screen simultaneously.


Sharpshooter Cabinet Sticker

The Sharpshooter square cabinet sticker is designed for that specific title arcade machine. It will be useful for customers looking to replace damaged or old stickers, or, customers looking to upgrade or recondition their machines. Sharpshooter is a target shooting game where players fire at certain targets on different challenges. You must get past five different challenges before making it to the Ultimate Challenge. Speech: "Ready! Aim! Fire!". The game has six different levels that each have six different stages with unique challenges. The first three levels are The Circus Of Mystery, Alien Encounters and The Castle Of Horrors. The next two levels are Six-Gun Conjunction and Skull Cove. And the final level is The Ultimate Challenge.


Arcade Machine Cam Lock with Removable Barrel 25mm K3004

This Arcade Machine Cam Lock with Removable Barrel 25mm K3004 is 18mm wide and 25 mm long and it comes with two plastic head brass keys. It is ideal for arcade machines, vending machines and comes in a range of sizes to suit all your needs. There are 720 different key cut combinations available. We can also customize the latch and loading mechanism to suit your specifications.

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$3.24 USD

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