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Santa Treasure Videmption Game - Gameplay

Added: 21-Apr-16
Running Time: 18:25
Views: 8231 Total
This quirky yet incredibly fun fish hunting game dispels the popular belief that Santa travels by air! He travels underwater, and you can capture him! Claim the gold that he is delivering to well behaved children, because let's face it, you deserve it more!
This is an incredible new video redemption game which supports cabinets for six, eight or ten players. Check out the video for the exciting gameplay and features, in which you can win big from a small coin in payment!
The basic gameplay is similar to other fish hunting games, a player must buy credits, choose how many credits each cannon shot uses, and then shoot and capture sea creatures to earn more credits! But where Santa Treasure separates itself is in its unique and interesting graphics and fast paced visuals. Hold the shoot button for auto fire, press rapidly for super quick cannon shooting or hold the joystick down for automatic targeting canon! It’s your choice!

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