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What is RSS??

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. RSS feeds provide news headline, brief article description and links to the full article in a XML file, that is automatically updated whenever new headlines/articles are published by the author. This allows you to receive new information instantly in your own environment - your browser, email client, your desktop, in your blog or even on your website

How can I view RSS Feeds??

To view RSS feeds, you need either a RSS Reader, a compatible Email application or you can view them via a compatible Web Browser. Some Web Browsers, which support RSS feeds are Firefox, Opera, Safari and Internet Explorer version 7. Please Note: older versions of Internet Explorer do not support RSS feeds.

You can also view RSS feeds automatically with some of the newer Email Clients on the web, E.g. Mozilla Thunderbird or Opera Mail. If you use, Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express, you can get a third-party software, which will allow you to view RSS feeds with Outlook/Outlook Express. E.g. Newsgator or RSS Popper

There are also many News Readers or News Aggregators available on the web. Some can be used online directly, some can be downloaded for free and there are a few which can be purchased to allow you more customization options. Furthermore, certain readers work better on different Operating Systems. You will have to take all these factors into account, when you decide which is the best option for you. A list of suitable RSS readers are given below.

Microsoft WindowsGNU/LinuxApple Mac OSWeb
RSS Reader Liferea Newsfire Google Reader
NewzCrawler Ampheta Desk NewsLife Netvibes
Omea Reader BlogBridge Shrook Bloglines
Sharp Reader Straw NetNewsWire My Yahoo
RSS Bandit RSS Owl NewsFan  

Please Note :The links provided above are just a handful of RSS readers available on the internet. These are just provided here for your convinience and not as an endoresment of the 3rd party software/ websites.

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