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Insect Doctor Video Redemption Arcade Game - Features

Added: 13-Oct-15
Running Time: 3:25
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The Insect Doctor video redemption arcade game is now available from Highway Entertainment as a game kit or dedicated machine. The game is a multiplayer shooting game, with lottery-game features, in which players must try to catch any of the 16 insect characters on the screen using the 7 kinds of powerful special weapons.

Some game features include Special items; Spider Bomb; Hyper Spider Bomb; Sticky Hive; Blasting Centipede; Lightning Scorpion; Mantis Saber; and Special Worm.

To play, simply insert a coin via the hopper, then select your bet by pressing the Raise Bet button. Now the game will start and players must aim using the joystick and press the SHOOT button once they have lined up a target. Using your special weapons will win you huge rewards – simply aim at your target worm clusters, launch your weapon and if you are lucky you can catch buggy characters with values that range anywhere from 3-100 times multiplier!

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