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Arcade Game Boards & Kits for Sale in Australia

For sale are arcade game boards, Jamma PCBs, conversion kits and combo game boards for your arcade cabinet and machine.

We sell Sega, Namco, Konami, Taito Atari, SNK, and other famous factory arcade game boards, and try to keep most motherboards in stock - these include Lindberg, Atomiswave, Neo Geo, Naomi I Naomi 2 GD Rom, Taito X2 motherboard, Chihiro, and others.

Most games are using Jamma standard, however if your cabinet is late model such as Vewlix or Noir, we have adapters available to make your Jamma arcade game board fit into the arcade machine without problem.

We also have adapters if your cabinet is standard Jamma, and you want to add a late model arcade game board, such as Taito X2 - using our adapters, this is a very easy way to install late model games onto older cabinets.

Update your arcade machine with the latest games and hardware with one of our arcade game boards or conversion kits.

For more information, please review the below arcade game board categories or choose one of the left menu options

Arcade Game Boards & PCBs in Stock

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Ocean King 3 Plus: Zombie Awaken Game Board Kit
Zombie Awaken introduces two new Bosses to the world of fish games. These are the Vampire King and Rock Skeleton. Not only are these Bosses scary, but they will bring you a lot of new challenges and plenty of winnings. In addition, this game also has some of the classic bosses: Thunder Buffalo, Thunder Dragon and Phoenix. Be ready for an undersea adventure full of bonus rounds and rip-roaring action.

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Pandora Box 2800-1 Game Board
Pandora Box 2800 game board is a jamma arcade game board that supports Jamma RGB, VGA and HDMI input.

$59.87 USD

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