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Sport Games for Sale in Australia

Arcade game boards, PCBs and conversion kits for a range of arcade sports games; including golf, football, and basketball arcade game boards. Our range of Sports arcade game boards includes JAMMA compatible boards, cartridges to suit Neo Geo, Sega STV and NAOMI motherboards, and much more. Our range includes classic arcade game boards; as well as recently released arcade game boards and conversion kits for arcade cabinets.

If you cannot find a particular Sports Game PCB on our list below, please contact us and we will chase it up for you.

Sport Games in Stock

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Golden Tee 99 Kit
Golden Tee '99 is a golf series game from Incredible Technologies. This upgrade kit includes PCB, control panel with trackball, header artwork, cabinet stickers, and a manual.

$158.51 USD

Super Sidekicks 2 - Neo Geo Cartridge
Super Sidekicks 2 Neo Geo Cartridge is the sequel to Super Sidekicks which corrected most of the flaws in the original's design, including the ability to switch players' control during the game, a smaller goal, and no more long shots taken.

$46.83 USD

Major Title 2 Arcade Game Board
Major Title is an arcade-style golf simulation. The game is presented in a mixed perspective. The pre-shot perspective is a standard third-person view from just behind the golfer, but once the ball is hit, the view switches to a top-down perspective to track the ball in flight.

$108.07 USD

Decathlete ST-V Cartridge
Decathlete, released in Europe as Athlete Kings, is an athletics themed arcade game. Released in 1994 it was developed and produced by Sega. A well-received home port was released on the Sega Saturn in 1995, scoring mainly positive reviews for its arcade faithful conversion, due to the similar hardware of the ST-V arcade and the Saturn.

$39.63 USD

Beach Spikers Software(GD ROM and IC)
This Beach Spikers software allows players to upgrade their to this game. Beach Spikers(Virtua Beach Volleyball) rides on the crest of the wave of popularity for sports games. Players can experience the heat and sunshine of the summer, clear blue sky, pure white sand and gorgeous bikini clad babes all from their local arcade.

$47.55 USD

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