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Motherboards for Sale in Australia

Motherboards and arcade hardware from a variety of manufacturers including Sega, Sammy, Capcom and Taito.

We have for sale a range of motherboards to suit arcade machines including Sammy's Atomiswave System, Capcom CPS I, Capcom CPS II, Capcom CPS III, Sega Lindbergh, Sega NAOMI, Namco System 12, Namco System 246, Taito Type X, and Taito Type X2 motherboards.

If you cannot find a particular Motherboard on our list below, please contact us and we will chase it up for you.

Motherboards in Stock

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Namco PCB
Namco PCB

Please Ask
Sega Naomi Motherboard Only (Faulty)
The Naomi (New Arcade Operation Machine Idea) motherboard only (faulty) is based on the same system-architecture as the Sega Dreamcast. The Naomi motherboard uses a Hitachi SH-4 CPU, PowerVR Series 2 GPU and a Yamaha AICA based sound system.

$32.77 USD

Save 63%

Pixelview audio
Pixelview audio

$16.39 USD

Sega Filter Board Model 2B
Sega filter board model 2B

$98.32 USD

AD PCB for 21.5 Inch LCD Panel in Cocktail Table
AD PCB for 21.5 Inch LCD Panel in Cocktail Table
AD PCB Board - LM.R61W.B5 1335

$23.54 USD

Jamma RGB to VGA Adapter Board
Connect your arcade Jamma wiring directly into the Arcooda Jamma RGB to VGA Adapter Board then to our arcade LCD monitors. Adjust the colour intensity via the red, blue, green potentiometers, this plug and play board is the easiest solution for connecting rgb wiring into VGA output.

$14.87 USD

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