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Shooting Style Games for Sale in Australia

Arcade game boards, PCBs and conversion kits for a range of shoot-em-up games, including both horizontal and vertical arcade shooters. Our range of shoot-em-up arcade game boards includes JAMMA compatible boards, cartridges to suit Neo Geo, Sega STV and NAOMI motherboards, and much more. Our range includes classic shmup arcade game boards; as well as recently released arcade game boards and conversion kits for arcade cabinets.

If you cannot find a particular Shooting Game PCB on our list below, please contact us and we will chase it up for you.

Shooting Style Games in Stock

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Pea Shooter Arcade Machine
Pea Shooter Arcade Machine is a shooting game where players must shoot the zombies to win points. Players use the Plant headed guns to shoot balls at the screen and take out as many zombies as possible within the time limit.

$1950.00 USD

Rabbids Hollywood Arcade Machine
Are you a sharp shooter?

Compete with buddies to stop the Rabbids invasion of Hollywood. Shoot all the crazy creatures during a four-players adventure and explore 3 different movie sets.

$5950.00 USD

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