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Arcade Driving Machines for Sale in Australia

Arcade Driving Machines and cabinets including a variety of car and motorbike racing arcade machines. We stock in Australia all types of arcade driving machines including twin, upright, deluxe and super deluxe models; as well as cabinets that can be linked together.

Arcade Driving Machines in Stock

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Metal Driving LCD Arcade Shell Cabinet
Metal driving arcade shell cabinet including 32 inch LCD monitor, motorised steering assembly, arcade shifter, and arcade pedal assembly.
Perfect for DIY projects.

$454.04 USD

Save 16%

Cruis'n Blast Arcade Machine
Cruis'n Blast Arcade Machine is an arcade exclusice racing game from Raw Thrills and a reboot of the legendary driver series that debuted in the '90s, known as Cruis'n U.S.A.

$5950.00 USD

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