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Ticket Redemption Machines for Sale in Australia

We have for sale Ticket Redemption Machines from a range of manufacturers. Popular products include Basketball and bowling redemption machines, coin drop/roll down machines, ball toss machines, hammer machines and much more.

If you have a specific Ticket Redemption Machine in mind but cannot see it on our list, please send us an inquiry and we will try and find it for you.

Ticket Redemption Machines in Stock

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A modern take on an alley bowler from Bay Tek. The machine has a fireball theme, and includes chase lights and vibrant colours.

$2950.00 USD

Crank It! Ticket Redemption Machine
Gear up for Bay Tek Game's novelty ticket redemption game, Crank It! This eye catching piece has a small foot print with a big impact. With the same great qualities as the ever-popular Big Bass Wheel, Crank It! is a sure hit.

Wind it, spin it, turn it, then CRANK IT!!!

$2750.00 USD

Explosive Ticket Redemption Machine
Explosive is a super fun and exciting two player ticket redemption machine from Benchmark Games in which players press the button to stop the light wheel and pop the balloon!

$2450.00 USD

Black Hole Ticket Redemption Arcade Machine
The Black Hole Ticket Redemption Arcade Machine from Coastal Amusements is a skill based game in which players earn tickets for the points they win.

$2600.00 USD

Gold Fishin' Arcade Machine
Gold Fishin' Arcade Machine is the third installment of ICE's popular 'Carnival Series' and is a ticket redemption ball toss aracade game.

$2850.00 USD

Ghostbusters Arcade Machine
he Ghostbusters Arcade Machine is an electro-mechanical ticket redemption game, which uses an exciting mix of visual and mechanical features to creat a fun and engaging amusement game.

Together with Play Mechanix, ICE has created a licensed Ghostbusters arcade to coincide with the release of the 2016 remake movie. It is estimated that the Ghostbusters license is one of the top 10 most iconic licenses of all time.

The cabinet features a 58 inch LED touchscreen, and has two cabinet mounted ball shooters - one for each player - which are used to lock onto ghosts that appear on the screen so they can be captured using the Ecto beam from the players' Proton guns.

The players goal is to catch all the ghosts that appear, plus the game features eight exciting movie scenes followed by the ultimate StayPuft Marshmallow-man bonus game.

The Ghostbusters Arcade Machine is an engaging multi-player game that players of all ages will enjoy!

$2854.00 USD

Angry Birds Arcade Machine
The Angry Birds Arcade Machine is a mechanical video redemption game which is based on the mobile gaming phenomenon by the same title.

$1990.00 USD

HYPERshoot Basketball Arcade Machine
LAI Games has reinvented arcade basketball to offer an innovative and rewarding game experience that guests just can’t seem to walk past. Whether in attract or game play modes, the unique lighting effects of HYPERshoot are impossible for players to miss.

$3495.00 USD

Arctic Fishing
Arctic Fishing is a fishing game by UNIS. Which involves the player in hooking as many fish as possible. With a Multiple hook system that allows the player to pull out more fish. 3 different levels and 3 different characters to choose from.

$3195.00 USD

Deep Sea Drive Twin Ticket Redemption Machine
Deep Sea Drive is a racing game by UNIS. Players can choose between a Boat and a Jet Ski. Deep Sea drive also features power ups that the player can use including one that can turn your vehicle into a Submarine. Levels also include ramps to keep the game exciting.

$2400.00 USD

PacMan Ticket Mania
Namco and Raw Thrills team up to bring back the classic Pac-Man arcade game action in this unique video game, but now rewards players with tickets for their efforts. In Pac Man Ticket Mania, players win tickets my munching on as many Pac-Man dots and fruits as they can, while being chased by the famous ghosts Inky, Blinky, Pinky and Clyde!

$1850.00 USD

Pixel Chase Ticket Redemption Machine
Pixel Chase is a skill based redemption game where players must throw as many balls as possible into the 4x4 LED lit target holes within the time limit. The target holes light up in red, blue and green, which correspond to different scores.

$4950.00 USD

Blox Breaker Ticket Redemption Machine
Blox Breaker is a ticket redemption machine with a magical twist. Players must throw balls at different targets that appear on the 65" screen. Once the ball touches the screen, it continues it's trajectory into the digital realm.

$4495.00 USD

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