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Arcade Shooting Games for Sale in Australia

Arcade shooting games including gun shooting, with games with hand held and fixed guns are available for sale in our Australia warehouse.

Our range includes recent arcade video games including the Time Crisis and Big Buck Hunter series; as well as arcade video games such as Target Terror, Silent Scope and Point Blank. We sell both standard and deluxe models, including games which can be played co-operatively, or by a single player.

If you have a specific Shooting Game in mind but cannot see it on our list, please send us an inquiry and we will try and find it for you.

Arcade Shooting Games in Stock

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Deadstorm Pirates Special Edition Arcade Machine
Deadstorm Pirates Special Edition arcade machine takes the swashbuckling arcade favorite, Deadstorm Pirates, adding extra content and puts it in a brand new 2 player closed booth cabinet!

$4001.18 USD

Ghostbusters Arcade Machine
he Ghostbusters Arcade Machine is an electro-mechanical ticket redemption game, which uses an exciting mix of visual and mechanical features to creat a fun and engaging amusement game.

Together with Play Mechanix, ICE has created a licensed Ghostbusters arcade to coincide with the release of the 2016 remake movie. It is estimated that the Ghostbusters license is one of the top 10 most iconic licenses of all time.

The cabinet features a 58 inch LED touchscreen, and has two cabinet mounted ball shooters - one for each player - which are used to lock onto ghosts that appear on the screen so they can be captured using the Ecto beam from the players' Proton guns.

The players goal is to catch all the ghosts that appear, plus the game features eight exciting movie scenes followed by the ultimate StayPuft Marshmallow-man bonus game.

The Ghostbusters Arcade Machine is an engaging multi-player game that players of all ages will enjoy!

$2854.00 USD

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