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Self Redemption Machines for Sale in Australia

We have for sale a range of Self Redemption Machines from a range of manufacturers. These machines directly dispense the prizes to the player, eliminating the need for operator supervision. Products available include Rocket Mini, Tower Candy and Robot Cap.

If you have a particular Self Redemption Machine in mind but cannot see it on our list, please send us an inquiry and we will try and find it for you.

Self Redemption Machines in Stock

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Crank It! Ticket Redemption Machine
Gear up for Bay Tek Game's novelty ticket redemption game, Crank It! This eye catching piece has a small foot print with a big impact. With the same great qualities as the ever-popular Big Bass Wheel, Crank It! is a sure hit.

Wind it, spin it, turn it, then CRANK IT!!!

$2750.00 USD

Dizzy Chicken Ticket Redemption Machine
Dizzy Chicken is the new ball drop, ticket redemption game from Baytek! Players plunge the ball into the spiral of lights trying to land the ball on the bonus light. Tickets are then rewarded to the player on where the ball lands.

$3695.00 USD

Black Hole Ticket Redemption Arcade Machine
The Black Hole Ticket Redemption Arcade Machine from Coastal Amusements is a skill based game in which players earn tickets for the points they win.

$2600.00 USD

Circus Ball Drop Redemption Arcade Game
Circus Ball Drop is a circus-themed redemption arcade game where players must time a ball release to roll down an elephants trunk onto a numbered playfield.

$1850.00 USD

Blox Breaker Ticket Redemption Machine
Blox Breaker is a ticket redemption machine with a magical twist. Players must throw balls at different targets that appear on the 65" screen. Once the ball touches the screen, it continues it's trajectory into the digital realm.

$4495.00 USD

Despicable Me Jelly Lab Redemption Machine
The Despicable Me Jelly Lab Redemption Machine has players perfecting their timing in order to score big. A conveyor belt moves along the playfield, and players muct push the button at the right time to release a coin.

$2850.00 USD

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