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Other Factory Parts for Sale in Australia

Here you can find parts from factories not listed in the other categories. Parts available include replacement parts for redemption, arcade, pinball, amusement and novelty machines from a range of global manufacturers.

If you have a specific Part in mind from a particular factory but cannot see it on our list, please send us an inquiry and we will try and find it for you.

Other Factory Parts in Stock

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Arcade Machine Test Panel
Brand New Test panel featuring a meter, a volume dial, a test button and a service button.

$20.54 USD

Save 20%

L.A.I Micromech Harness Interface
L.A.I Micromech Harness Interface is a coin interface PCB Suited for use with Microcoin Coin Mechanisms.

$9.68 USD

Happy Gyro Motor
Original Amuseworld motor for Happy Gyro machine.

$46.80 USD

Save 49%

Happy Gyro Front Panel
Happy Gyro front control panel (new).

$58.09 USD

Save 63%

Metal Hole Blanking Plate
A Blanking Plate is used to cover holes in equipment. In such equipment as arcade and gaming machines, cars, etc.

$2.58 USD

250V Fuse Holder
Designed to hold fuses up to 16A for 250V equipment. The fuses is screwed into the holder. The holder has also be screwed into the equipment for ease of use. The holder has 4 terminals.

$1.61 USD

Pump It Up Foot Panel Arrows - Complete Set
Pump It Up Step Acrylic panel arrows are made of solid and durable acrylic material, suitable to replace the used dance platform's foot pads. customer screw out the metal square cover, then replace the new step acrylic pads on it, very easy and simple to recondition the used PIU dancing stage into "new" look.

$58.67 USD

Save 28%

Atari 7586-DH-2LAEXTM
Atari 7586-DH-2LAEXTM

$5.87 USD

Save 63%

Atlus Photo Machine Paper and Ink
Replacement paper and ink for Atlus Venus photo machines.

$64.55 USD

Save 89%

Skill Tester Control Panel
A brand new control panel for a LAI Skilltester machine.

$58.68 USD

Phoenix Thermal Printer
The Phoenix Thermal Printer is designed for indoor use in the amusement, gaming, lottery, vending and kiosk markets

$175.4517 USD

Dance Dance Revolution Rubber Edge Protector (left and right set)
Dance Dance Revolution Rubber Edge Protector (left and right set). Also suitable for your other arcade machines to protect the edges of your timber cabinets.

$2.90 USD

Save 55%

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