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Machine Parts for Sale in Australia

Machine parts for arcade, pinball and redemption machines; as well as parts for jukebox machines and various parts for all other coin operated amusement machines. Our machine parts cover popular manufacturers such as Konami, Namco, Sega, Jakar, NSM and Sammy, as well as other factory parts. Products include control panels, cabinet parts, light globes and much more.

If you have a specific Machine Part in mind but cannot see it on our list, please send us an inquiry and we will try and find it for you.

Machine Parts in Stock

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Arcade Machine Test Panel
Brand New Test panel featuring a meter, a volume dial, a test button and a service button.

$24.96 USD

Save 20%

L.A.I Micromech Harness Interface
L.A.I Micromech Harness Interface is a coin interface PCB Suited for use with Microcoin Coin Mechanisms.

$11.77 USD

Happy Gyro Motor
Original Amuseworld motor for Happy Gyro machine.

$56.87 USD

Save 50%

Happy Gyro Front Panel
Happy Gyro front control panel (new).

$96.09 USD

Save 49%

Gearing for Machine Small (used)
Gearing for Machine Small (used)

Please Ask
Gearing for Machine Medium (used)
Gearing for Machine Medium (used)

$10.00 USD

Gearing for Machine Large (used)
Gearing for Machine Large (used)

Please Ask
Metal Cog
Metal Cog

Please Ask
Keiso 6 Digit Electromagnetic Counter Series GX - Model: GX-06RL
A six digit electromagnetic counting meter Model: GX-06RL. These are part of the Keiso GX series of counters. Has metal mounting frame.

$0.36 USD

Save 53%

Namco Relay PCB

Please Ask
Metal Hole Blanking Plate
A Blanking Plate is used to cover holes in equipment. In such equipment as arcade and gaming machines, cars, etc.

$3.14 USD

Fluorescent Ballast For 15W Lamp
Fluorescent Ballast For 15W Lamp is a durable and long lasting semi low loss ballast for a fluorescent 15W lamp from ATCO. This ballast emits a massive power of 250v / 50Hz and is suitable for most fluorescent light applications. Furthermore coming from a credible manufacturer such as ATCO, you know that you are going to have bright powerful lights for a long time.

$7.84 USD

Noise Filter
A noise filter designed to have 250V plugged directly into it with a maximum load of 6A. Has 3 terminals at the back to wire in the power.

Please Ask
Noise EMI Filter
This noise filter is designed for low impedance loads to supress line to ground and line to line interference. The filter is enclosed in a metal case and terminals on both sides.

$3.53 USD

Floor Neon Light for DDR Machine - Blue
Blue floor neon light part for your Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) floor panel.

$7.84 USD

Replacement Arrow for DDR Machine - Red
A replacement foot panel for the Dance Dance Revolution Machine

$11.77 USD

Floor Neon Light for DDR Machine - Red
Red floor neon light part for your Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) floor panel.

$7.84 USD

Boxer Main PCB (Jakar)
A replacement for the main PCB of the Boxer machine.

$213.21 USD

Save 69%

Kicker Display Glass (Jakar)
Replacement Glass display for Kicker Machine

$42.07 USD

Save 74%

Halogen Light Globe for Boxer Machine (Jakar)
12V 20W 35mm halogen light globe replacement for boxer and kicker machines

$6.42 USD

Save 84%

SLI Miniature Light Bulbs (Jakar)
Miniature Light Bulbs for boxer and kicker machines

$7.13 USD

Save 86%

Kicker Main PCB (Jakar)
A replacement for the main PCB of the Kicker machine.

$213.21 USD

Save 69%

Potentiometer (Dual) 50 ohm
Potentiometer (Dual) 50 ohm

$17.83 USD

Dual Springs with Rods

Please Ask
Cable Gland

Please Ask
Small Hole Cover

Please Ask
Large Hole Cover

$1.78 USD

Replacement Pump It Up Foot Panels - Complete Set
A Complete Set of all 5 Pump It Up Foot Panels. Restore your wore out panels to new.

$85.57 USD

Rubber Corner for Dance Floor Panels
This fits in the corners of the floor panels of your dance machines. They provide protection of the components underneath the panel and help to keep everything in place.

Please Ask
Ferrari 355 Challenge 2 Plastic Cabinet Parts
Ferrari 355 Challenge 2 moulded plastics - brand new, factory original parts.

$466.12 USD

Atari 7586-DH-2LAEXTM
Atari 7586-DH-2LAEXTM

$7.14 USD

Save 63%

Boxer Matrix Display Glass (Jakar)
Replacement Glass display for Boxer Machine

$24.95 USD

Save 53%

Bladder for Soccer ball (Jakar)
Bladder for soccer ball from the Kicker arcade machine.

$21.04 USD

Save 40%

7 Digit Clipper Meter

Please Ask
7 Digit Meter

Please Ask
Daytona Link ROM Kit
Daytona Link ROM Kit

Please Ask
Crisis Zone Complete Wiring Harness
Crisis Zone Complete Wiring Harness for connecting the game kit with the cabinet. There are a total 12 different wiring sets.

$35.65 USD

Crisis Zone Sub Woofer Speakers
Crisis Zone SD Cabinet Speaker.

$7.13 USD

Crisis Zone Green/Black Wooden Boards
Green / Black Wooden board for Crisis Zone Machine. One side is Green, the other side is Black.

$17.83 USD

24v Power Supply (including 5v + 12v)
Crisis Zone 24v Power Supply (including 5v + 12v) to provide power for the gun.

$24.94 USD

Save 36%

Manx TT Arcade Game Board
Manx TT Super Bike game board is a popular 1995 arcade bike racing game which is developed jointly by Sega AM3 and Sega AM4. Later brought to the Sega Saturn by Psygnosis and Tantalus Interactive and then ported to Windows by Perfect Entertainment. It was the first motorcycle racing game built for the Sega Model 2 arcade board. Up to 8 players can race in this game if enough cabinets are linked together, following on from Daytona USA.

$395.00 USD

Save 43%

Maximum Tune 3 DX Version C Dongle Upgrade
The Version C Dongle upgrade for Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 3 DX machines.

$15.69 USD

Save 76%

Sega Model 1 Amplifier Board (838-10018)
Sega Model 1 Amplifier Board (part number 838-10018) for Virtua Fighter 1 game.

$49.21 USD

Sega Conn Bd B (838-10801)
Sega Conn Bd B (part number 838-10801) for games such as Sega Rally 2, Star Wars Trilogy etc

$19.68 USD

Skill Tester Control Panel
A brand new control panel for a LAI Skilltester machine.

$71.31 USD

Sega Rally 2 Gear Stick Assembly
Gear stick assembly for Sega Rally 2 machine.

$70.5942 USD

Hanging Cords String for Barber Cut Prize Machine
A set of replacement hanging cords string for Barber Cut prize machines. Each set includes 100pcs of long cords and 100pcs of short cords.

$39.22 USD

Save 75%

Sega Test Board
A PCB that can be used to test the status of an arcade monitor.

$7.84 USD

Save 45%

Sega Naomi GD-ROM Drive
Sega GD Rom Drive player is suitable for Naomi, Naomi 2, Chihiro, and Trioforce game systems. GD-ROM (an abbreviation of "giga disk read-only memory") is similar to the standard CD-ROM except that the pits on the disc are packed more closely together, resulting in a higher storage capacity (around 1.2 gigabytes), which is almost double the storage capacity of a typical CD-ROM.

$117.66 USD

Save 26%

Sega Royal Ascot - SSR BD - 839-0270-01
Sega Royal Ascot - SSR BD 20EA - 839-0270-01

$50.00 USD

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