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Vewlix Gamewizard 3.3 Volt Power Supply with Harness
High efficiency and Low temperature 3.3 Volt, 5 Volt, 12 Volt Power Supply suitable for all late model CRT and LCD Arcade Cabinets. Ideal for current series game boards including Taito X2, Chihiro, Lindberg, Naomi and more.

$53.4841 USD

Game Wizard Xtreme Control Panel Upgrade Kit
The Xtreme Game Wizard Control Panel Upgrade Kitis designed for customers who have already purchased a Game Wizard Vewlix machine and would like to turn their arcade machine into a multi platform gaming machine compatible with a range of consoles!

$626.43 USD

26 Inch LCD AD Board (GW on Android)
AD PCB Board for 26 Inch LCD from Game Wizard on Android

$34.63 USD

HDMI1.4V Audio Extractor
The HDMI1.4V Audio Extractor is used in our Arcooda Mercury 2.0 cabinet allows the HD Source connected to output to a single HD display and adds an extra 3.5 Stereo and SPDIF/Coaxial Audio output.

$20.75 USD

The Entertainer Machine Key Set (Keys Only)
Key Set for The Entertainer Arcade Machine.

$5.67 USD

The Entertainer Machine Lock & Key Set (Back Door)
Lock Key Set for The Entertainer Arcade Machine Back Cabinet Door

$5.01 USD

Y782 Lock for Arcooda & Highway Machines
Y782 lock and key set (blue) for Arcooda & Highway Machines is suitable for many machines including cocktail tables, Tempest, Game Wizard for Android and Mercury.

$3.75 USD

Display PCB for Slushie Stars Machine
Display PCB for Slushie Stars Machine designed for controlling the temperature and various other functions of the Slushie Stars Machine

$37.74 USD

Computer Board Transformer for Slushie Stars Machine
Computer Board Transformer for Slushie Stars Machine

$9.13 USD

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