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Arcade Cabinet Parts for Sale in Australia

Our range of arcade cabinet parts for sale in Australia is great for those wanting to revamp your old cabinet, or, those needing to replace broken and faulty parts, or, those reconditioning a machine! We have a variety of cabinet parts for customers to select from, including: Push Buttons; Arcade Control Panels; Wiring Harnesses; Ball Tops; Boards (Control, Magnet, Filter, I/O, etc.); Catridges; Game Pieces (for example, Royal Ascot Horse and Carrier pieces); Hard Drives and Motherboards; Test Panels; Joysticks; Latches; and much more!

We can ship all over Australia, and if we don’t have the cabinet parts you’re looking for, we will do our best to find it for you. For instance, if you’re looking for a specific type of push button or a replacement board, but cannot see it on our list, then please send us an inquiry and we will try to find it for you.

Check out our range of stock below, and if you'd like to take a closer look at a product or want more information on it, simply click on 'Details' for further information.

Arcade Cabinet Parts in Stock

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Sega Naomi GD-ROM Drive
Sega GD Rom Drive player is suitable for Naomi, Naomi 2, Chihiro, and Trioforce game systems. GD-ROM (an abbreviation of "giga disk read-only memory") is similar to the standard CD-ROM except that the pits on the disc are packed more closely together, resulting in a higher storage capacity (around 1.2 gigabytes), which is almost double the storage capacity of a typical CD-ROM.

$117.29 USD

Save 26%

Sega Royal Ascot - Volume and Test Switch Panel
Sega Royal Ascot - Volume and Test Switch Panel

$10.00 USD

Save 77%

Versus City Arcade Control Panel 1 Player New
Update your Sega Cabinet with this Versus City 1 Player Arcade Control Panel. This brand new Control Panel features a top-of-the-line Sanwa joystick and 3 Sanwa buttons. With plug and play wiring, you can easily recondition your old Sega cabinet. The Panel can also be easily configured for an additional three buttons.

$113.74 USD

Save 27%

Sega Arcade Model 2A Filter Board
The Sega Arcade Model 2A filter board is a type of PCB that is designed to protect your machine from other electrical magnetic devices which might interfere with it's ability to function correctly and to it's full extent.

$27.73 USD

Sega Namco Taito I/O Board for Arcade Machine
This is a generic Sega, Namco and Taito I/O board with built-in Amplifier that is suitable for Naomi I, Naomi II, Namco 246 System, 256 System, Taito Type X and Taito Type X2 motherboard. This allows you to connect late model arcade game boards into standard jamma cabinets.

$92.42 USD

Joystick Bubble Ball Top 45mm Clear
Clear Joystick Bubble Ball 45mm Top suitable for Sanwa, Seimitsu, Zippy and most screw top joysticks.

$1.42 USD

Save 54%

Arcade Push Button with Microswitch - White
Arcade Push Button with Microswitch is a classic American "screw in" style push button and is ideal for arcade cabinets.

$1.07 USD

Save 39%

Arcade Push Button with Microswitch - Black
Arcade Push Button with Microswitch is a classic American "screw in" style push button and is ideal for arcade cabinets.

$1.07 USD

Save 39%

Neo Turf Masters - Neo Geo Game Cartridge
Neo Turf Masters - Neo Geo Game Cartridge from SNK is a fast paced, arcade-style golf game. Players choose from two game modes, stroke play for one or two players, and match play for two players only.

$39.10 USD

Save 44%

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