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Namco Parts for Sale in Australia

Machine parts for Namco arcade and amusement machines. Products available include parts for popular Namco games including shooting games such as Time Crisis and Crisis Zone, cabinet parts and more.

If you have a specific Namco Spare Part in mind but cannot see it on our list, please send us an inquiry and we will try and find it for you.

Namco Parts in Stock

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Namco Relay PCB

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Crisis Zone Complete Wiring Harness
Crisis Zone Complete Wiring Harness for connecting the game kit with the cabinet. There are a total 12 different wiring sets.

$30.90 USD

Crisis Zone Sub Woofer Speakers
Crisis Zone SD Cabinet Speaker.

$6.18 USD

Crisis Zone Green/Black Wooden Boards
Green / Black Wooden board for Crisis Zone Machine. One side is Green, the other side is Black.

$15.45 USD

24v Power Supply (including 5v + 12v)
Crisis Zone 24v Power Supply (including 5v + 12v) to provide power for the gun.

$21.62 USD

Save 36%

Namco System 22 Point C ROM PCB (Pack of 6)
Namco System 22 Point C ROM PCB is a (Pack of 6) original system 22 rom pcbs from Namco.

$40.79 USD

Namco ASCA-3A PCB and Namco ASCA-1B PCB
This is an original ASCA-3A PCB and ASCA-1B PCB from Namco sold as a kit. ASCA-3A PCB is the standard I/O board (interface board) used with most of the S23/SS23 games with support for digital and analog controls such as buttons, joysticks and pots. Whereas the ASCA-1B PCB assists in handling inputs and outputs and handles most of the communication with the main board (game board). All input devices are connected to the ASCA-1B PCB.

$61.19 USD

This is an original Namco HP AMP PCB used in arcade machines.

$33.99 USD

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