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EuroMix 1 & EuroMix 2 Machines (6pcs)

EuroMix 1 & EuroMix 2 Machines (6pcs)

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About EuroMix 1 & EuroMix 2 Machines (6pcs)

Bulk offer for 6pcs of EuroMix 1 (3pcs) and EuroMix 2 (3pcs) machines. The machines are off location, and are ex UK. However, must take all 6 units. Sell price is $9570USD ($1595USD each).

EuroMix 1

Dancing Stage EuroMIX is the 2nd release of the Dancing Stage series, the European version of Dance Dance Revolution series of music video games by Konami.

The core gameplay of Euromix is the same as the previous Dancing Stage games. Euromix featured a brand new scoring system, instead of being heavily combo-based like the last two mixes, combos are of virtually no importance. The maximum score for each song is 10,000,000 (all Perfects). Perfects are worth twice as many points as Greats, and steps toward the end are worth progressively higher points than steps toward the beginning. In nonstop mode, a 2x, 3x and 4x multiplier apply to the 2nd, 3rd and 4th songs respectively, making a perfect nonstop worth 100,000,000 points.

EuroMix 2
Dancing Stage Euromix 2 is the 3rd Arcade release in the Dancing Stage series, a European version of the Dance Dance Revolution series of music video games. Euromix 2 is a sequel to Dancing Stage EuroMix. It was released in the arcades by Konami in 2002. The game contains 68 songs, 12 of them are carried over from Dancing Stage EuroMix.

The core gameplay of Euromix 2 is similar to Euromix, but introduced the new two-tiered scoring system and freeze arrows to the European audience. As mentioned, Euromix 2 uses DDRMAX2's engine and interface but with some minor differences, such as Nonstop mode being accessed from the song wheel, difficulty selections being made before the song begins, and the options menu introduced by DDRMAX is not used, electing to still use step codes. These codes are entered on the song selection screen.

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