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Highway Entertainment DIY Arcade Joystick and Buttons Kit for Arcade Machines

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Arcade Push Buttons with Microswitches Only $1.50 each

Arcade Push Buttons with Microswitches Only $1.50 each
Arcade Push Buttons with Microswitches Only $1.50 each
Starting a DIY project, replacing faulty parts or after some new push buttons? At Highway Entertainment, we have you covered. We have arcade push buttons with microswitches for only $1.50 each. These push buttons come in a range of colours including black, blue, green, red, white and yellow, giving you more choice and allowing you to choose the colour scheme of your own design. Our buttons are in stock and ready for immediate shipment, so why not purchase some right now and get those fingers mashing!

The Arcade Push Button with Microswitch is a classic American "screw in" style push button and is ideal for arcade cabinets. This push button is round and concave in design which works well with horizontal mounted microswitches. The product features a long shaft for effortless assembly, complete with concave plunger and fixing ring. Furthermore, the Arcade Push Button with microswitch is vibrant in colour and made of durable nylon plastic, giving it superior quality and the ability to withstand at least 10,000,000 presses.

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