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Crazy Wars PCB Released @$450usd

Crazy Wars PCB Released @$450usd
Crazy Wars PCB Released @$450usd
Crazy War is a video game revolving around an epic battle between the Coalition of Planets, and the evil Devilion Empire.

It's the year 544 and the Devilion Empire has invaded the calm galaxy to expand its territory. The Coalition of Planets has selected seven special personnel to fight the Devilion Empire, and the player takes on the role of one of these seven, embarking on a mission to destroy the Devilion Empire's Evil Stone. The mission is completed over 12 levels.

Crazy War is a video game for one or two players. In one player mode, become one of the 7 special personnel and perform your role to destroy the Evil Stone. In two player mode, both players fight against each other.

The game is available for immediate release.

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