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Extreme Hunting, Big Buck Hunter and Skilltester Machines at ridiculously low prices!

Extreme Hunting, Big Buck Hunter and Skilltester Machines at ridiculously low prices!
Extreme Hunting, Big Buck Hunter and Skilltester Machines at ridiculously low prices!
We have several Extreme Hunting, Big Buck Hunter and Skilltester machines in various conditions available at ridiculously low prices. The Extreme Hunting and Big Buck Hunter Machines will be no more than $300 (some will include game boards) and most will be between $100 - $199. Please note that this will be a first come first served basis. For final pricing and further details, please wait until next week and we will provide all information.

About Extreme Hunting

Extreme Hunting is, you guessed it, a hunting game from Sega where players embark on a hunting trip with a choice of North American wild game including Bison, Bear, Moose, Elk, Deer, and Wolf. Extreme Hunting also features bonus stages featuring Bass, Goose, Bat, Squirrel, as well as the chance to play the ever-changing Special Hunts where you can uncover secrets. The machine offers a wide variety of playing options including Solo Play, Head to Head, and a 4 Player Group Tournament where 4 players alternate turns to determine who is the best.

About Big Buck Hunter

Big Buck Hunter is one of the most popular hunting games ever made by Incredible Technologies (and later Raw Thrills). This exciting hunting video game is equipped with a traditional pump-action shotgun, with the option for four players to hunt in head-to-head competition. The game features photo-realistic backgrounds and over 200 authentic and unique 3-D hunting scenes. Players can hunt in four regions across the United States: Midwest, Northeast, South and West. Furthermore, varying conditions to hunt your prey are featured throughout the game, including night, early morning, fog and snow and there are 16 exciting bonus rounds including Duck Hunt, Skeet, Windmill Mania and Barnyard Bonus.

About Skilltester

Skilltester is a renowned and well known crane machine that has shelves for prize display & halogen lighting. The cabinet features: Modern streamline cabinet design, Rear shelf display, Halogen lighting, Player Free Game Features, Sample play feature.

These machines are perfect for DIY or reconditioning projects, to use for spare parts or to update old machines. These machines will not last long and are priced to go. To make an inquiry please email sales at highway dot net dot au or call 02 4968 9313.

Please note all products are now sold

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