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Fast & The Furious Arcade Machine

Fast & The Furious Arcade Machine
Fast & The Furious Arcade Machine
The Fast & The Furious arcade machine is now shipping. This is the brand new driving game designed by Eugene Jarvis, the creator of the Cruis'n series, and themed on the feature film of the same name.

The Fast and the Furious driving game is based around 12 street courses located in the United States. Players can receive bonus points when they perform stunts including wheelies, side wheelies, flips, heli's, rolls, vaults and 360's. The game has three levels of difficulty and a choice of 17 different vehicles.

The machine features a key pad entry panel so players can register and save their game on the unit. When a player registers, their name appears on the number plate of their car, and allows them to store their car history, number of upgrades etc.

Players can win free games by completing a course in the best time, or if they are the best player in a group-linked game. Players are graded by overall race time, air time (time they spend in the air doing tricks), damage (value of the objects they destroy), tricks (per race) and earnings (total during player's race history).

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