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Fortune Telling Machine - Merlin the Wizard

Fortune Telling Machine - Merlin the Wizard
Fortune Telling Machine - Merlin the Wizard
Introducing our latest product; the coin operated Merlin the Wizard Fortune Teller Machine which allows users to obtain psychic information including past and future life predictions, personal character attributes, health and compatibility.

Merlin the Wizard's psychic reading is derived from Numerology, Astrology, Tarot Card, Chinese Astrology and Physiology. Merlin the Wizard is highly acclaimed as being extremely accurate and reveals information regarding many aspects of a person's life.

The customer needs to place their hand on the crystal ball and use it to enter their name, birth date and sex for the reading to begin. Players also need to use the crystal ball to shuffle the Tarot cards and Merlin's reading is then displayed on the screen.

The reading lasts for 5 to 9 minutes and is usually set at AU$2, however, Operators can change the reading price at their discretion. At the end of the reading the user is given a special 3 digit code, with which they can visit a web site later to view and print out a FREE update Reading and Chart.

The Merlin the Wizard Fortune Teller machine is also available for purchase in a shell format, where Operators need to assemble the cabinet and add their own computer, coin mech etc.

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