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Highway Games Announces Exclusive Agency of Ocean King Ticket Redemption Machine for Australia and Europe

Highway Games Announces Exclusive Agency of Ocean King Ticket Redemption Machine for Australia and Europe
Highway Games Announces Exclusive Agency of Ocean King Ticket Redemption Machine for Australia and Europe
Highway Games recently announced that Ocean King, the premium fish hunting ticket redemption game from IGS, is under their exclusive agency in the Australia and Europe and will be made available in November, 2013.

The multiplayer, fish hunting style games have proven to be of great value to operators in the arcade and amusement industry. Ever since the first video redemption, fish-catching cabinet hit the amusement market they have been a smash hit with players all across the globe and IGS has an extensive history of success in this area with its Fish Hunter line, which the Ocean King continues to improve and build upon.

“We (IGS) are very pleased to partner with Highway Games for the Europe and USA exclusive distribution of Ocean King,” said Steve Chiang, the Sales Manager at IGS. “Ocean King has been very successful in Asia and with Highway Games extensive experience in the Amusement Industry, we believe the game can be very profitable for operators.”

The Ocean King is the biggest and most diverse cabinet in the line-up yet. With a 55 inch high resolution LCD display, superb 3D graphics on the ocean scenery and a Deluxe cabinet with room for two extra players (8 in total) this cabinet is a must-have addition to any game center or FEC. The cabinet takes coin in (and also has a note acceptor input available as an option for operators as well) and is ticket out, which are redeemable for fun prizes as extra incentive.

The seemingly simple game play concept is offset by fast, exciting gameplay that demands quick thinking, skill and co-ordination. With the Ocean King, up to 6 players can go head-to-head in a race against each other to catch as many and more profitable fish as possible to score points and get the biggest payout!

The game also has a range of fun features to keep players interested, such as the new Cumulative Super Gun, which is one of three players can use, and 16 types of fish to catch with four totally new species - including the Ocean King addition, the Humpback Whale. There are also three exciting mini games that will surprise players such as the Bomb Crab, the Twister and Chain Thunder! The mini games create more competitive gameplay by integrating with the main game and players of all ages will get hours of entertainment out of the Ocean King.

Steve Josifovski, Managing Director of Highway Games stated, “We have been working closely with our customers and IGS to modify and develop Fish Hunter games to suit local market conditions, and the results have been fantastic. We have changed the win percentages, introduced thermal printer outputs and converted language to English – all of which has significantly increased returns to our customers. With great support from IGS, we continue to make changes on the Fish Hunter series, and Ocean King is the best so far”.

The Ocean King is available as six player ticket redemption cabinet or 8 player deluxe cabinet which can be ticket redemption (you will need to talk to the Highway Games sales team regarding that option) and is the perfect fit for family entertainment centers and arcade game rooms as it appeals to players of all ages!

For more information on the Ocean King, please follow this link or visit

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