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Japan Coin Pusher For Sale

Japan Coin Pusher For Sale
Japan Coin Pusher For Sale
We have one unit of Monopoly: The Medal 2nd Edition available for $29,995 inc GST. This price is inclusive of reconditioning, 240 volt conversion, freight and taxes, ex any Australian seaport. Monopoly is a premium earning coin pusher machine manufactured by Sega and is a proven performer in Australia.

Monopoly: The Medal 2nd Edition is based on the classic board game of the same name. The goal of the machine is the same as the board game - players roll electronic dice and move around the board investing in properties.

Depending on the property they land on, players are awarded coins and a chance to play mini games such as Go Go Chance, Memory and Get Out of Jail Slots (in which a player must line up 2 get out of jail cards to be released).

Other coin pushers are also available upon request. Please contact our sales staff for more information.

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