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Latest Atomiswave SD Cabinets

Latest Atomiswave SD Cabinets
Latest Atomiswave SD Cabinets
Introducing our latest stock arrival, 'as new' Atomiswave SD cabinets which are suitable for arcade operation as well as for home and MAME systems. These cabinets feature a highly advanced 29" flat screen VGA monitor allowing for a full range of games to be played including CGA, EGA and VGA.

The Atomiswave SD cabinets are highly suitable for use with Sammy's Atomiswave games and are able to display the best picture quality available from the high resolution VGA Sammy games. The cabinets are also suitable for JAMMA games.

For illustration purposes, we have connected the cabinet to a computer.

You can view our full range of cabinets by clicking Here

For more information, please e-mail sales at highway dot net dot au.

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