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Metal Slug 5 Neo Geo - Now in Stock

Metal Slug 5 Neo Geo - Now in Stock
Metal Slug 5 Neo Geo - Now in Stock
Metal Slug 5 is the latest in the series of Metal Slug fighting games, where players are the heroes and must shoot the enemy. The game is featured on the Neo Geo platform.

Characters revealed so far include Marco, Fio, Eri and Tarma. Their mission is to recover Metal Slug secrets pilfered by a mysterious paramilitary syndicate. A new robotoid Metal Slug "Slug Gunner" is the outstanding weapon in this game. It packs unbelievable firepower within its heavily armored body, and the top part of the Slug Gunner can turn to a tank for all terrain caterpillar movement. This is the latest installment in the scintillating series.

The "Metal Slug 5" Story:
A research installation developing the next-generation of Metal Slugs is attacked by unknown forces, and a disk containing Metal Slug secrets was stolen. Ordered to recover the disk, Marco and Tarma follow in hot pursuit. Meanwhile, Eri and Fio, investigating the Ptolemaic Army, a paramilitary syndicate active in archaeological excavation, catch up with them at an ancient ruin, "The Corridor of Fire".

The two try to storm and size the site but are repulsed by the natives and giant Metal Slugs. This incident proves it was the Ptolemaic Army that stole the Metal Slug secrets. The military subsequently launches a second raid by the elite PF Squad and Sparrows on "The Corridor of Fire" to recover the secrets and destroy the syndicate.

Original cartridges available for immediate shipment.

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