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New Delta Arcade Cabinet Now Available

New Delta Arcade Cabinet Now Available
New Delta Arcade Cabinet Now Available
The New Delta arcade cabinet has just been released and is now available from Highway Entertainment. The New Delta is a next generation 32 inch LCD arcade cabinet which can quickly and easily switch between horizontal and vertical screen orientations. The cabinet accepts full range of signals including CGA, EGA and VGA.

The New Delta was developed based on the RS Co's Delta 32 cabinet. It retains the features of the Delta 32 cabinet whilst adding increased functionality and an improved look. Changing the position of the monitor is one of the great draws of the cabinet, with one person able to flip the monitor in less than one minute.

It retains the 2 monitor system, with a smaller LCD screen above the main play area which can display advertising or the game screen / opposition screen. The smaller LCD screen can easily be removed if you want to flip the monitor vertically.

To view the product page Click Here, or contact one of our sales staff for more information.

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