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Photo Machines Self Service Imaging Kiosk - New Product Line

Photo Machines Self Service Imaging Kiosk - New Product Line
Photo Machines Self Service Imaging Kiosk - New Product Line
The full Fantasy Entertainment product line of photo kiosks is now available through Highway Entertainment. This includes Foto Fun Strips Kiosk, Sketch Express, Portrait Studio, Foto Fantasy Classic, Digital Easel and Kodak Sticker Station.

Foto Fun Strips Kiosk is a booth which dispenses classic strip photos, but in a tear and share form. The customers are allowed four poses; then they can choose black and white or colour, and add a theme to their strip. The machine then dispenses the strip, with two copies of each pose for the one low price. The strips are printed on a perforated sheet that easily separates so the customers can 'tear and share'. The Kiosk is available in sit down (G2) or upright (K2) model.

Sketch Express, pictured, is an exciting game-style unit kiosk which creates beautiful artist quality sketches in a flash. The customer simply sits, poses, selects a classic Portrait or Caricature and watches their sketch drawn right before their eyes.

The computerised system automatically adjusts to print a horizontal or vertical portrait depending on the number of people posing. The kiosk is easy to use and offers voice and on-screen instructions in several languages. The exciting advertising loop and open style seating entices customers to sit down and try it out! The sketch is printed on premium 5.8" x 8.3" paper with a border to enhance the perceived value. The smaller output keeps costs down allowing the operator to go after high volume with a lower vend price than traditional photo booths.

For more information and pricing e-mail ">sales at highway dot net dot au.

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