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Reserve your Order of Tsurugi

Reserve your Order of Tsurugi
Reserve your Order of Tsurugi
Tsurugi is a 3D action game with a very unique controller. Players use a sword type controller to inflict damage on a wide variety of samurai based characters. The player stand at the based of the cabinet and grips the hilt of the sword type controller.

The cabinet is fitted with several sensors that enabled the game to detect the direction & speed of the player's sword swing. This is then relayed to the game, which will then determine the damage to be dealt to the enemy based on distance & the player swing. When the player gets damaged by an opponents move, the controller will vibrate.

The cabinet also features a foot pedal so the player can attack enemies in the distance.

Goods will be available early March, priced at $14,995.00AUD plus freight and GST. Please phone or email us if interested as we need to preorder with Konami.

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