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SEGA Blast City Cabinet Clearance Sale

SEGA Blast City Cabinet Clearance Sale
SEGA Blast City Cabinet Clearance Sale
Highway Entertainment currently has a clearance sale on Blast City arcade cabinets from SEGA. All cabinets come with standard features such as a monitor size, cabinet size, and video resolution. There is a variance between cabinets in the number of players and sold-as condition to suit the needs of all customers.

The Blast City cabinet is larger than most other Japanese candy cabinets, and these SEGA cabinets come with a number of standard features. All cabinets feature a large marquee, and rather than embedding speakers at the top of the cabinet, the speakers are situated at ear-level next to the monitors bezel.

All cabinets come with a 29 inch Nanao multi-synch monitor which allows for 15/24/31 kHz video resolution, and will switch to the correct frequency to match the game installed automatically. Each cabinets also comes with an internal fan to cool the power supply and standard SEGA model 3/JVS wiring.

However, all customers have their own needs from a cabinet, and to suit these needs Highway Entertainments Blast City clearance sale includes one and two player cabinets to allow for a wider range of games that can be installed. Cabinets also come in working condition sold new or used, and non-working cabinets for the more dedicated owner or player who wishes to build their own.

If you'd like to check out the different cabinets for the clearance sale, follow this link.

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