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Sega Blast City cabinets have now arrived

Sega Blast City cabinets have now arrived
Sega Blast City cabinets have now arrived
We have now received a container of Blast City cabinets into our Australian warehouse. They are all in very good condition, set on 240 volts and are great for both operators and home users.

These two player cabinets from Sega, feature 29 inch Nanao multi-synch monitors that allow for 15/24/31k video resolution. The monitor automatically switches to the correct frequency to match the game installed.

Blast City cabinets are larger than the majority of Japanese candy cabinets and also feature a large marquee.

The cabinets come with Sega Model 3/JVS wiring and have an internal fan near the power supply. Rather than being embedded on the top of the cabinet, the Blast City speakers are located at ear level next to the monitor bezel.

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