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Sega Race TV Driving Arcade Machines In Stock!

Sega Race TV Driving Arcade Machines In Stock!
Sega Race TV Driving Arcade Machines In Stock!
Put your pedal to the metal with the popular Sega Race TV Driving Arcade Machine, now available at Highway Entertainment. This bright and lively machine has a distinct American theme and will attract players of all ages to its vibrant graphics, easy and fun gameplay, and endless choice in characters, courses and cars.

Sega Race TV runs on the Lindbergh system hardware and has a linking capability so that four players to race together across five different courses. The courses available are Sunshine Coast, Jake's World, Sunshine World, Slip Circuit and a Hidden Stage. There are 8 characters available as well as one special extra timed release. Added to this abundance of choice there are 9 licensed cars available, including Ford, Chevrolet, Mazda, Chrysler and Mitsubishi makes.

But wait, there's more, Sega Race TV Driving Arcade Machine cabinet has a boost button beneath the gear shift, with players collecting boosts to fill the boost gauge. When the boost button is pressed, the car accelerates at a tremendous speed, with the sudden burst of speed crucial in defeating your opponents. There are also free boost periods, where the player can use boost as much as they like for a limited time. This means players can burn some serious rubber during game play and be the champion of the racetrack.

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