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Sega UFO Catcher with bonus Disney plush

Sega UFO Catcher with bonus Disney plush
Sega UFO Catcher with bonus Disney plush
Sega UFO Catcher machines are now available with free bonus licensed Disney plush! Usually priced at $7995usd for the machine only, we are now offering the machine at the reduced price of $7,500usd. This price also includes a bonus $1,500 worth of licensed Disney plush toys.

Sega UFO Catcher is a large-scale dual crane machine. Prizes can be set up in a variety of different layouts, and the machine can accommodate both small and large prizes. Machine comes with a variety of different sized shovels and arms, with easy claw-head adjustability.

Disney plush included is your choice up to the value of $1500usd from the selected range. Options include Medium plush, Jumbo plush and keychains. Products include classic Disney characters like Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck, Winnie the Pooh, Hanna Montana, and the Disney Princess range. The products are great quality and are sure to attract players.

For more information about the offer Click Here, or contact one of our sales staff.

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