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South Australia Bans Spinning Reel Redemption Machines

South Australia Bans Spinning Reel Redemption Machines
South Australia Bans Spinning Reel Redemption Machines
The Government of South Australia has legislated bans against certain redemption machines, in particular, machines that feature the famous gaming machine, spinning reel.

The Lottery and Gaming Regulations 2013 will come into force on 1st January 2014 and will prohibit redemption machines with a physical resemblance of a gaming machine from locations and areas that can be accessed by children or underage teenagers.

Under the Variation of Lottery and Gaming Regulations 2008, Section 4A, an 'instrument of unlawful gaming' is defined as follows:

"(1) Pursuant to section 59A of the Act, an amusement machine with the characteristics of a gaming machine (within the meaning of the Gaming Machines Act 1992) is declared to be an instrument of unlawful gaming.

(2) For the purposes of this regulation—

(a) an amusement machine includes any device designed or adapted for the purpose of enabling a person to participate in a game of amusement;

(b) an amusement machine will be taken to have the characteristics of a gaming machine if—
(i) it is a gaming machine, but not an approved gaming machine, within the meaning of the Gaming Machines Act 1992; or

(ii) it is capable of being operated by the insertion of a coin, note or other token (whether in the machine or another device to which it is linked) and—
(A) it simulates the operation of a gaming machine by the use or depiction of a spinning reel; or

(B) it is marked as a gaming machine or pokie or is described in any advertising, instructions or packaging as a gaming machine or pokie; or

(C) in the instructions for its operation, or in its operation, it uses or displays a word associated with gambling such as gambling, bet or jackpot or a derivative of such a word."

Operators in South Australia must ensure these machines are removed from locations by January 1st and operators in other states are being warned not to place these types of prize redemption machines into any location where they may attract the attention of unaccompanied children, or even children accompanied by parents or adults.

The National Amusement Operators Association's CEO, Terry Williams, is urging all operators within and outside of South Australia to remain vigilant as this legislation is implemented and as the situation here in Australia continues to develop. Operators who have imported a machine, and they are suspicious of it, should compare the machine to the legislation and if still unsure NAMOA encourages operators too photograph the machine/s and seek advice from them.

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