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Triotech's Motion Simulators Now Available to Australian Market

Triotech's Motion Simulators Now Available to Australian Market
Triotech's Motion Simulators Now Available to Australian Market
Highway Entertainment is pleased to announce it now has available Triotech's brand new 3D, high-definition XD Theater and also the Mad Wave Motion Theater, which boasts two new rides. These machines feature motion-based entertainment films which immerse the audience into the world they are witnessing.

To further enhance the experience, the seats in these machines boast Triotech's Mad Wave Motion seat advantage which brings a wide range of simulation from subtle sensations to intense vibration (not just jolts and tilts).

The XD Theater displays 3D high definition films and the current line-up includes Haunted Mine, Cosmic Coaster, and Arctic Run. Since its launch in November last year at the IAAPA show, the unit has received a very positive response with a number of XD Theaters already scheduled for installation all over the world. The XD Theater is an economical but quality product, priced at approximately AU$450,000 whilst its competitor products sell for over $2 million.

John Lotz, VP Sales for Triotech Amusement in Los Angeles said, "People came and experienced XD Theater at the IAAPA Show in Orlando and at the ATEI in London this January. At the ATEI, there was literally a line up or Q for the XD from the time the show opened until it closed all three days."

"Amusement Parks, Resorts, Family Entertainment Centers, Museums and a myriad of other types of public venue representatives raved about the experience and the value," Mr Lotz said. "Many purchased XD Theaters at the shows and many more are now in the process of being put together for delivery."

Arctic Run, and Fright Nite with Elvira are the two new titles now available at an extra premium for Trio-Tech's earlier product, the Mad Wave Motion Theater. Prior to this, Fantasy Rider, Road Fury, Haunted Mine, and Toy Coaster were the only rides available.

According to Triotech, the motion technology featured in the Mad Wave Motion Theater is the most advanced available in the amusement industry today, with the motors able to withstand the rigors of commercial environments, and the actuator technology relying on hi-tech electronics rather than a complex mechanical system. This means the machines mechanical design is simple, and its weight volume is small (less than 10 lbs), making the unit very easy to service.

Mr Lotz said, "The most distinctive element of Triotech products is that they are unique attraction pieces that are priced so that almost any location can afford them and have a great ROI. In the past simulators have been 3 or 4 times as costly as Triotech equipment. The big reason for that is new technology, innovative thinking, and efficient manufacturing."

For more information, please contact ">sales at highway dot net dot au.

Pictured: The XD Theater on display at the ATEI show in London this year.

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