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Used Arcade Machines For Sale

Used Arcade Machines For Sale
Used Arcade Machines For Sale
We have a four arcade machines recently removed from an arcade centre for sale. All machines are in very good working condition, but are being sold with no warranty. Available now is one Konami Kick & Kick machine, one Drum Mania/Percussion Freaks 10th Mix machine, a Snow White's Enchanted Castle Kiddy Ride and a Firefox Helicopter machine.

The Konami Kick & Kick machine is a soccer simulation video game where the player uses a real soccer ball to control the direction and power of the shot. The sensors on the machine detect the motion of the ball and display on the screen a representation of the player's kick. The game contains many modes of play including Set plays, Power tests and Target modes. Players can compete against each other for world records.

This machine is in good condition, but could ideally use a new synthetic grass and a replacement ball. Half a days work on this machine would have it looking very presentable. This machine is priced at $1,400usd. For more details see this link.

The Drum Mania/Percussion Freaks 10th mix is a music rhythm game also manufactured by Konami. It features around 30 new songs as well as around 80 songs from previously released titles. Players use an imitation drum set and drum stick and must play the notes of a chosen song as they are displayed on the screen. The drum set consists of two cymbals, three drum pads and a foot pedal. This machine is in fair condition and is priced at $1,200. For more details see this link.

Snow White's Enchanted Castle is an interactive, educational ride manufactured by UK company R.G Mitchell. Children look into the magical mirror and match the images that appear by pressing buttons on the colour display panel. With fairy tale sound effects and a gently rotating movement this ride has a bewitching attraction. This machine requires minimal floor space and is in excellent condition. It is priced at $2,700. For more details see this link.

The Firefox is a two-seater children's helicopter ride that is also manufactured by R.G Mitchell. It features joystick controls, supercharged sound and laser style lighting. This ride is in excellent condition and is price at $2,700. For more details see this link.

All four machines are located in Sydney and inspections are welcomed. Please contact our sales team for more information.

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