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Vewlix Clone Chewlix Arcade Machine

Vewlix Clone Chewlix Arcade Machine
Vewlix Clone Chewlix Arcade Machine
Recently we purchased a “premium” Chinese made Chewlix / Vewlix Clone machine which will be shown in a demonstration/comparison video series comparing Chewlix vs Taito Original vs the existing Game Wizard Xtreme Version 1 vs Game Wizard Xtreme 3.0. This video series will be shown during the release of the GWX3.0.

As you will note, most sellers offering the Chewlix machines keep the details to a minimum. We are not going to tell you these are “great” or “premium”, but if you are in the market for a Chewlix we are offering our test machine for $1,399inc GST.

The machine is new (ah yes, new shell, used monitor – the way many of these are sold), with sanwa joystick and buttons, combo board, and we are selling without warranty.

1pc in red is available ex Newcastle warehouse.


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