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Virtua Striker 2002 Kits

Virtua Striker 2002 Kits
Virtua Striker 2002 Kits
The first game on the new Triforce system, VS2002 offers more realism and quicker game play with now increased teams and stadiums.

The new features include;

** Countries increased from 32 to 63
** Stadium increased from 7 to 13
** Adding reply for "close shot", as well as "goal replay"
** After the game is finished, it will also show a "close shot replay" as well as the "goal replay"
** Adding demo scene
  • - When victory
  • - Loss vs CPU, draw and continue
  • - When CPU match is cleared

** Match results of 2 countries will be showed.(The game will show the match results (win, lose, tie, ratio) of the 2 countries chosen by the players. The records will only be from the games play on that certain cabinet).
** Originally, 6 items, 3 levels to express the individual football player's ability. In VS2002 this will be 18 items, 10 levels
** Added stamina elements
** Adjustment of the camera view
** Uses more polygons compared (the quality to expressed to the player will become higher)

Our shipment is due into Australia in the first week of November. Please contact us to reserve your shipment.

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