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Virtua Tennis 3 In Stock

Virtua Tennis 3 In Stock
Virtua Tennis 3 In Stock
The long awaited third part to the smash hit series, Virtua Tennis 3 (power smash 3 in japan) is in stock now. This version is on the new Lindberg hardware system and boasts incredible graphics.

It features 12 tennis pros (all men this time). The pros are divided into their strength like All Rounder, Big Server, Powerful Strokes, etc.

The player's controls are as follows. Top Spin button which controls the attacking shots and Slice Spin button which controls the defensive shots. Pressing both buttons causes the player to lob the ball. The joystick is used to move the player around and when used in combination with the buttons, enables ball control and different strokes to be played.

This game also supports the Player Card (memory card) system. With this card the following become available, players can move up the ranking in effort to become number 1 in the world.

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